The HiDrive API allows you to easily integrate the HiDrive cloud storage service into your application.

Our API provides a versatile endpoints to read and write files, manage sharing of data, handling file compression, creation of simple thumbnails for photos stored on HiDrive, as well as many other functions. In fact, we use it for our own HiDrive Web-Interface, so (almost) everything you can do with our GUI, you can rebuild inside your own App.

HiDrive API in a nutshell

The HiDrive-API is:

  • A RESTful web API
  • Using OAuth2 Authentication
  • Accessible via: https://api.hidrive.strato.com/2.1/

Why HiDrive?

HiDrive allows users to backup their data “in the cloud” and access it from anywhere. Online storage also makes it easy to share data with friends, family or coworkers.

Security and privacy always come first at STRATO, so HiDrive employs strict standards. STRATO operates two certified data centers in Germany. Typical cloud service providers operate their data centers in the United States, where privacy laws aren’t nearly as strict as they are in Germany. All data stored with HiDrive is subject to those German data protection laws.