Get API Key

Use of the HiDrive Cloud Storage API with an application requires a client credential that consists of a client_id and a client_secret. It is required for authentication and authorization at the HiDrive OAuth2 server and it is unique for each application.

A short description of the OAuth2 Dance

The client application can send a HiDrive user along with the client_id to the URL of the authorization endpoint at the HiDrive OAuth2 server. The user then needs to log in using a HiDrive accocunt and can decide to authorize your client to access data in this HiDrive. For most authorization flows, a short-lived authorization code is generated and the user is redirected back to your application (or the code is shown to the user for copy/paste). The client can then exchange the authorization code at the token endpoint of the HiDrive OAuth2 server, using its client_id and client_secret to authenticate. The client will receive a response with an access token — this id used to authorize requests to the HiDrive API — and, in most flows, also a refresh token that can be used to fetch a fresh access token when the current one expires. Please refer to the description of the OAuth2 flows and OAuth2 endpoints for details.

Note for HiDrive S3 users: If you want use your HiDrive S3 product with an application, you will need an access key and a secret. These can be created in the HiDrive S3 management console, the HiDrive S3 API documentation is also available.

Request a client credential

You hereby request a HiDrive client credential, which authorizes your client to access data stored on HiDrive using the REST API. You will receive the client credential within 72 hours after registration.

Please contact us if you need to change details of a registered app or require client credentials for additional flows